Goals for the next two weeks

I’ve decided to put together a list of things to do over the next two weeks. The new year starts in less than a week. Why not start it off with a bang.

Here goes:

  • Find a 9 to 5 job (I like the structure of those kinds of jobs. 🙂 )
  • Find 5 customers for my nutrition business.
  • Find a business partner for my nutrition business.
  • Find customers for my clerical business.
  • Create a workout plan.
  • Research 20 resources online for this site.

I feel a sense of some of this not happening. I feel like I have all of these grand ideas and they don’t come to pass. The areas up above that seem the least likely to happen are the ones that have to do with my nutrition business. I am afraid to call people about it. I have had a fear of enrolling people in this my whole life. Even when I was a Christian and was studying to be a minister. I never liked evangelism. I liked the idea of friendship evangelism as I called it. I liked the idea of becoming friends with someone and through my life and interactions with them they would be drawn to Christ. The thing is, I spent my time around Christians. I was around regular Christians and Seventh-day Adventist Christians all the time. I never wanted to push into anyone’s beliefs. Push my own beliefs on them seemed to be something I wasn’t willing to do. Expanding my business isn’t the same as converting someone to Christianity. It’s actually something that will help them and others. It’s crazy that I do this.


About flower

Originally from Michigan. Live in the Los Angeles area now. Love it. I also love animals. :)
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