I spoke with a friend last night that I hadn’t talked to in at least a few months. I had seen on Facebook that she had started a new job. It was late so I asked her in a quick message on Facebook if I could call her. She said yes. 🙂

I called her and asked her about her new job. She shared how she likes it a lot better than her last one. I was happy to hear that she’s finally found a place she likes. After sharing with me about her work she asked me how I had been doing.

She is the 3rd friend I’ve told about my depression and that I’ve contemplated suicide in the last few months. I have already given my word to my doctor and my boyfriend that I won’t harm myself. My friend asked me to promise her that I wouldn’t. I promised that I wouldn’t harm myself.

Sometimes I’d rather not tell anyone what goes through my head. I have a lot of crazy things that go through it. I’m sure others have their own craziness that go through their own heads. I just don’t always feel like others would want to listen. I know I don’t need to share everything. That would be a bit codependent. But when things get to a point where my life isn’t working, I get to share to be healthy. I get to trust people with what is on my heart. People that love me and are committed to me. I’ve seen evidence from a lot of people that they are committed to me and that they love me. I’m thankful for those people.


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Originally from Michigan. Live in the Los Angeles area now. Love it. I also love animals. :)
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One Response to Reconnecting

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad to read that you’ve committed to your doctor, boyfriend and other people that you won’t harm yourself. That is the first and most important key to recovering from depression.

    Yes, it is hard to admit you are having these horrible thoughts – but sharing with others the depth of your depression is important. And yes, it is true that the thoughts going through your head when depressed are skewed – but with the right combination of medication and therapy, you’ll be thinking right in no time.

    Keep posting and letting all of us know how you are.

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