What do you blog about?

Sometimes I want to be a great blogger. A blog that many people come to on a daily basis. But often times I end up opening a new post and not knowing what to write about. I like to keep my blog semi anonymous. I’m sure if someone tried hard enough they’d figure out who I am, but the majority of people wouldn’t take the time to figure it out. Maybe it’s the anonymity that makes it hard for me to post what I really want to say? Or maybe that’s just another excuse as to why I don’t blog on a regular basis. I think it’s one of two things.

First, I think I’m lazy. I get interested in something and then not long after I break my commitment and don’t complete or continue it. It’s a pattern every where that I get to break quickly.

And the other reason is because I feel that most people wouldn’t be interested in what I have to say. I think it’s more my ego or the negative voice in my head telling me this. I may not reaching thousands of people, but the right person may read something that might support them in their life. Even if it’s just a chuckle at a fellow human being who did something silly.

What is it that you blog about? What keeps people coming back to your blog? Do you have any suggestions for a fairly new blogger?


About flower

Originally from Michigan. Live in the Los Angeles area now. Love it. I also love animals. :)
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2 Responses to What do you blog about?

  1. Generally speaking, I blog out of a desire to express myself through writing. As I write, I imagine that I’m having a conversation with someone, that I’m telling them a story, and I let the words flow out of my fingers, rather than my mouth.

  2. Cobalt TiNor says:

    I have two blogs, this one which is semi-anonymous and one that is completely anonymous. I blog about just about anything that catches my interest and I also try to repost or link to things I feel people should be exposed to as well. Unfortunately I think although I am not new to blogging that I always feel like a new blogger. I don’t get a whole lot of traffic or likes or responses, but I feel the same as you I do it because there is a group of individuals out there that I can help. Hopefully they come across my blog. I believe that I can’t be the only one to feel the way I feel and would like to connect which those like myself.

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