Youth Suicide

About two weeks ago my nephew attempted suicide. Thankfully he had only taken a very low dose pill thinking it would do more to him. He was hospitalized for about a week. He’s home now and doing well. He learned a lot while he was in the hospital. Especially from the other kids there and what they were going through. Because of the other kids he realized that he gets to take on his mental health like he’s never done before.

The biggest issue he and his family has is that their insurance won’t cover much. They found a great outpatient program for him to attend, but the copay is like $500 on top of the $400 they already pay for insurance. And that’s not just a one time payment of $500 either.

My sister in law got permission from her son to tell people what happened so that people would be aware of their kids moods and to really find out what’s going on with them. Don’t give up if they just say “fine”. She posted this on her Facebook and several people have said that they’ll pray.

Thank you for the kind thoughts, but prayer really isn’t going to do anything here. My nephew rolling up his sleeves and taking on his mental health is what’s going to work here. Finding funds to pay for the therapy is what’s going to work here. Funds to pay for any medication.

I have created a fundraising page for him. This is my way of doing something that might actually get a real answer. No wishes. No waiting. People around this globe can make a difference in this young boy’s life. None of this praying stuff. Sure, positive thoughts help some people, but like I said above, it’s not going to pay the bills.

If anyone reading this wants to help my nephew financially, please follow the link I’ll post in a moment. And if you can’t help financially, please share among your social networks. It’d be greatly appreciated.

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Originally from Michigan. Live in the Los Angeles area now. Love it. I also love animals. :)
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