Small city annoyances

I live in a small city in California. I am from a much larger city in Michigan. My hometown actually has a large downtown with many skyscrapers. This little city I live in has a downtown, but it reminds me of a small town in Michigan. Maybe it’s like this because this city is a suburb of Los Angeles and Los Angeles itself has a relatively small downtown compared to other large cities.

I have been in the middle of organizing a pet fair for my city. The small city mentality seems to be that things are done extra slow. Now I understand that things take time. And I can live with things being done slowly if that means they are done well. My biggest frustration with working with the city on this project is the lack of communication from the city with relevant information. I had to hear from someone else that another organization was coming into town to do a vaccination clinic for pets. One would think this is something the city could have told me as soon as I contacted them. Maybe I’m expecting too much from the city? I read recently that a lot of our frustration in life and even anger comes from when we think things SHOULD be done differently. SHOULDS are as bad as ASSUMPTIONS. Especially for me.



I have voiced my dissatisfaction with the lack of communication from the city. I’m not sure it will change anything, though. I heard from one city official that the person I originally talked to is good at getting back to people and getting things done for groups. I heard the absolute opposite from someone else about that person from someone else.

This whole thing makes me realize I get to stay out of city government completely. This includes not publicly backing any specific stance or person in city government, but also not being involved in government. I have a small business and I wouldn’t want someone to not hire me just because I backed someone politicly. The reason I wouldn’t be in city politics is because I don’t usually know what my face is doing. Sometimes I am not aware of what my inside emotions may be doing to my face (“Fix your face” is something I hear often). Politicians are supposed to be like poker players. I may get elected once, but probably not after that. 🙂

So there’s my frustration with city politics and red tape. I will continue to send my thoughts to politicians, small city politicians, too. But that’s probably where it will end for me. I will get my voice out there, I just don’t think I’m the one who is meant to be behind the bull horn for important topics. I’m the one who encourages the leaders to be their greatest. And that’s a pretty good role to play.


About flower

Originally from Michigan. Live in the Los Angeles area now. Love it. I also love animals. :)
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