2017 out, 2018 in

New Year. Same Me.

2017 was a year. It wasn’t anything spectacular for me. I didn’t have any sad things happen, and no major fantastic things happen. It was a pretty even keel.

The third year of the pet fair happened this year. It was our second big year. I think it went pretty well. We also started some little monthly get togethers for pet owners in the city. The goal is to keep the conversation about pet care going throughout the year, not just during the fair.

Professionally, I had a good year. I am still not making enough money, but I’m steadily getting more clients. I have been talking about writing up a business plan for a brick and mortar place, but I think I’ve been afraid to even dream about it because it might just be dreaming and never happen. Or it’ll happen and I’ll end up screwing it up. 😀

Continuing on with the professional, I received my credentials with The Humanist Society as a Humanist Chaplain. I can perform weddings for people, but my biggest interest is actually other life events, namely funerals. I came across some YouTube videos from Ask A Mortician, hosted by Caitlin Doughty, and have been inspired. Caitlin and others started The Order of the Good Death, which is a group of people who want to change the conversation about death in our society that will help us embrace our mortality.

Someone in a forum I am a part of asked what we expect from 2018. Here is part of what I wrote:

I have growing to do emotionally that I have seen recently that I haven’t focused on much until now. The biggest area being my anger. It feels like the anger comes at the weirdest times, but I think doing more focused journaling I will find some themes running through the incidences. I feel working on this will also help me in my relationships, romantic, platonic, and professional.

Professionally I get to increase my clients for my pet business (3+ new clients) as well as start my celebrant business by having 1+ wedding this year as well as other ceremonies (I have a special interest in funerals). Many of these increases will involve networking and also educating myself in new areas that will hone my skills.

Let’s see what happens.

Another thing I will be adding this year as my volunteer work with The Clergy Project as a board member and continuing to add stories and service project ideas to my blog Secular Giving.

With The Clergy Project, I would like to be a part of the career committee, as I know it was difficult for me to transition out of religious work and I would like to help others as they are making that transition. I would also like to expand the resources that are listed for the members of The Clergy Project.

With the Secular Giving blog I would like to add at least one other regular contributor to the blog this year. I would also like to have two plus personal stories per month (gotta get going on January as we’re almost halfway through the month). A major goal would be to help a group of people organize a project this year. They would be doing all the work, I would just be there to assist them in organization.

The year will be filled with living. It’s also the year I turn 40. I remember when my mom turned 40. I was 15. Her friends got her a balloon that said “Over the Hill” and a cake that said “Lordy lordy, Jennie’s 40”. I plan to have a party this year. I’ll invite my local friends and ask them to forgo bringing a gift and bring food to share instead. I may only have a few friends attend, but it’ll be fun no matter what. And there will be cake.

About flower

Originally from Michigan. Live in the Los Angeles area now. Love it. I also love animals. :)
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