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Post Father’s Day thoughts

I don’t have a lot of early memories. There was actually a day I distinctly remember leaving my bedroom and walking into the living room not having a clue where I was and not remembering anything from before waking up. … Continue reading

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My interview on Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast

I was honored to be interviewed on the podcast Everyone’s Agnostic. It was really great to talk to Bob and Cass about myself. 😀 It almost sounds prideful, but hey, pride isn’t a bad thing anymore. 🙂 I was glad … Continue reading

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In a dip

I realized yesterday that I was going into a bit of tail spin. It’d been happening over several days if not weeks. I found myself sleeping in every day until the moment I needed to leave for work. Tired all … Continue reading

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Deconversion stories

Over the last few weeks I’ve been listening to a few podcasts on my way to and from work. Life After God, Everyone’s Agnostic, and Humanize Me. The first two are the ones that I’ve really gotten into because they … Continue reading

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I was a Seventh-day Adventist Christian

I’m a former Christian. I have had a hard time calling myself an atheist, but for the normal definition of the word, I am. It’s been an interesting journey out of Christianity. One that would take far too long to describe … Continue reading

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Poor work ethic…self loathing…or maybe just lazy…

I swear I have hated being called lazy all my life. My mom always had something to say about how my brother or I were just like our dad. I obviously took that belief to heart in some form or … Continue reading

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I’m Marching Against Monsanto tomorrow

Tomorrow (Today actually) I’ll be going to downtown Los Angeles and will be marching with at least 6,000 other people in the March Against Monsanto. It should be an interesting experience. I’ve only been in groups that big on very … Continue reading

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What do you blog about?

Sometimes I want to be a great blogger. A blog that many people come to on a daily basis. But often times I end up opening a new post and not knowing what to write about. I like to keep … Continue reading

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Update after my almost 2 month disappearance from my blog

Hi all, I am back. It’s been quite an interesting couple of months since I last posted. I’m going to give a quick overview in some areas about what’s been going on in my life. I will leave the longer … Continue reading

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Making lists…

So last night I made a list of things to do today. I started the day out earlier than usual. I woke up and headed out the door within 15 minutes. Got home a little over an hour later. Showered. … Continue reading

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